Here at Challenger, we have deployed a disciplined quality control system ran by a team with 50 years of experience. Our QC team runs through various detailed inspections before, during, and after the artificial turf manufacturing process, making sure we are producing and exporting the best possible product consistently every time.


We search and source the highest quality fibers, yarn, base backings, and resins.
Even our coatings are tested and inspected for quality on routine schedules. Before we use our raw materials, they already must be inspected and must pass many tests to calculate it's strength, weight, and UV-resistance.

Pre-Production Testing


During the manufacturing process, our employees go through a checklist of items to regularly inspect. Any loose fibers, knots, or loops are caught and repaired. If any problems or issues arise, production shifts to another machine until we arrive at a solution.

During-Production Testing


After manufacturing, the quality control team then inspects a sample from every roll of synthetic turf we produce before it leaves our facility to the consumer or distributor. Our multi-point inspection tests are crucial to ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality synthetic grass for their outdoor and indoor athletic fields, playgrounds and play areas, pet parks, training facilities, or their lawns.

Post-Production Testing