Tufting is the process of inserting yarns into a base fabric before it is coated on specialized multi-needle sewing machines. Some products use multiple yarns while other's might just use one. Several hundred needles stitch hundreds of rows of yarn tufts through a backing fabric, called the primary backing. From here the newly stitched turf is rolled up into a massive roll, and is ready for the next process - coating. Below, you can better see how the process works.

high quality yarns

We start with the highest quality yarn when making our artificial turf.

Tufting Needles

Then we use one of our machines that can accommodate 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 gauge constructions.

Tufting Machine

Our machines are then operated by our highly skilled staff, who are the backbone of our high quality turf.

Rolls After Tufting

When the tufting process is complete, we send our tufted rolls to be coated in-house by our DuraFlo or Urethane coaters.