Environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly, nature-friendly and green are all terms for the same cause. Artificial turf, fake grass, artificial grass and synthetic turf are all terms for the sports turf to support this critical cause. Challenger Industries, Inc. has challenged itself over the past 27 years to provide the most eco-friendly, high-performance field turf in the industry. We boast that we have met that challenge with our DuraFlo E.E.B.S., environmentally engineered backing system, the most environmentally friendly product in the industry. We challenge you to do your part in making greener choices for the future.

Our talented engineers took the proven technology of hot melt polyolefin adhesive systems and developed it to produce the highest quality products ever. Not only the most trusted leader in the industry, Challenger is also an innovative leader in creating environmental solutions. Recognizing a need for a superior recyclable backing system, we designed DuraFlo E.E.B.S.®, which is made from completely from polyolefins, making it 100% recyclable. Additionally, it does not need to go through a damaging hole punch process and it will not clog, as do products using perforations for drainage.

DuraFlo, found in our DURAPlay® and Envylawn® sports and leisure turf lines, helps our products make a difference in conserving the planet’s natural resources. You can also make a difference by choosing our products for your indoor fields and outdoor applications.

Football, baseball and soccer fields

  • Golf greens, miniature golf courses, putting greens
  • Tennis courts
  • Sports performance facilities
  • Practice fields, golf mats and batting cages
  • Play areas and playground
  • Residential and commercial landscaping

The uses are endless, as are the rewards. Besides saving the environment, you will be saving major time on maintenance while allowing players the opportunity for optimum performance with less risk for injury.

With increasing water shortages and environmental concerns over chemicals and pollution, the need for synthetic turf solutions increases. Protecting the environment, professional and aspiring athletes alike, children, pets and the community has been a primary mission for Challenger. We consciously continue to fulfill that mission and ask you to help by going green with our products. We will also help you with LEED certification.

You can meet the challenge! Call Challenger at 1-800-334-8873, our experienced staff will help determine the right choice for your surfacing needs. Check out and for the highest quality, most extensive line of products. We are confident we have the best solution for you.  Contact us today!