refresh cleaner

Several months ago, we at Challenger proudly introduced Refresh ( a live colony forming friendly bacteria) that both cleans and provides both immediate and residual odor control. Refresh is
the vital ongoing maintenance product that completes our EnvyPet K9 Program ensuring a clean and sanitary environment wherever dogs play, are boarded, reside and are cared for. We have received rave reviews on both the efficacy and the exceptional fragrance and it’s longevity. This spotlight is to share with you some tips we have received from some of you and experienced ourselves to help with your future presentations.



It is important that you understand the two basic components that separate Refresh from other products.

  1. Refresh is a live colony forming (friendly bacteria) with a formulation like no other! Most competitive products are enzymes which work quickly but become used up and overcome by large amounts or urine, feces etc. Refresh, is a living bacteria that continues to digest and consume disease causing bacteria, ie; animal waste, fat, protein etc. This is why your clients can use this product also in drains, grease traps, locker rooms and even porta-johns!
  2. Refresh has a fragrance like no other! Many months of formula testing was invested in our finished product to make certain that the fragrance was clean and natural. That is why we call the fragrance “Natures Scent” Imagine the scent of a freshly mowed lawn mixed with fresh mountain rain!

Here are a few tips that can help you make a lasting impression with your clients!

  1. Spray some Refresh undiluted from the quart bottle directly on your turf samples 30 min before presenting them to your clients. Explain to them a little about the product and that you will be applying this to their install. They likely will get multiple quotes, this is a great way to differentiate yourself!
  2. As a final step after turf installation is complete: take some Refresh and dilute in a Hudson, or garden sprayer at 1qt Refresh to 3 qts water and mist the turf area liberally. Walk your customer to the area and talk briefly about the product and it’s benefits You will receive some real compliments as well as an additional sale for some Refresh!
  3. ALWAYS carry a quart bottle of Refresh with a trigger sprayer and ask your client if there are any odor challenges at their facility. Especially if you are calling on a kennel, boarding facility, vet clinic or residential client with dogs. Have them take you to the area and spray liberally undiluted.
  4. As we mentioned above, because Refresh works on so many different areas as well as turf, some of our dealers/installers have been able to get into different athletic areas, municipalities and build relationships simply by having some Refresh with them that solved a problem!

A picture is worth a thousand words but a demonstration is worth a thousand pictures!

We at Challenger are grateful for your business! Please let us know however we can help.