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Could Artificial Turf Have Made a Difference in Superbowl 50?

Whether you were cheering on Peyton Manning and the Broncos, or dabbing with Cam Newton and the Panthers, one thing you likely noticed while watching Superbowl 50, was the poor ground conditions. In fact, by the middle of the second quarter, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson, reported that not only were the Carolina and Denver […]

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FAQs Regarding Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has been around for a number of decades. However, in recent years, there have been questions about how safe it is, and any potential concerns the public should have. At Challenger, we recognize this, and have spent a long time developing a process that is safe for the environment while resulting in a […]


New Challenger Turf Facility

At Challenger Industries, we are always looking for ways to serve you and make the environment better. We do this through looking for only the best products and methods with which to create synthetic turf that is environmentally friendly so that you and your pets are happy. It is this goal of increasing and maintaining […]


Synthetic Turf and Your Pets

Synthetic turf has long been a part of the landscaping culture, but have you considered it as part of the animal world? After all, that beautiful, easily maintained lawn that never requires mowing is perhaps one of the most unsung benefits is that of providing a place for our pets to play. We love our […]

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Challenger Industries: Who We Are

For years, homeowners and sports locations alike have spent long hours from spring to fall working on developing, and maintaining a beautiful green yard. From planting the seeds or laying sod to fertilizing, watering, aerating, and cutting, having that rich, thick green lawn, has long been a way that homeowners felt they could show off […]