reflective sunlight

Summertime is upon us and if you have artificial turf, or are thinking about installing it, then you need to be aware of how reflective, excessive heat can affect your yard! Synthetic turf products can melt when exposed to excessive heat. It is important to identify potential factors that could cause your turf to experience fiber shrinkage, UV degradation, and/or melting.

Localized or non-uniform heating of small areas will result in uneven pile height, which in turn will affect the appearance of the turf. There are a number of other circumstances that can create excessive heat. Take a look at a few examples of localized heating to be avoided below.

  • Visit the site where you are going to be installing your turf between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to see where the reflected energy could be focused even from the second story. Devise a plan that could include screens for the glass, planting areas or rock gardens in the affected areas. Sand infill can also help to distribute and absorb more of the heat.
  • During installation, the roll of artificial turf should not be left uncovered in direct sunlight. The black secondary backing will absorb heat, and the temperature of the top layer may be in excess of 194 degrees F, resulting in severe, localized uneven shrinkage. Remove plastic wrapping and store the roll in a shaded area.
  • Avoid leaving any heat-absorbent material on the turf during daylight hours. Clear or dark plastic sheeting, articles made of metal, garden hoses, pool floats or toys for example will absorb heat at a higher rate than the turf and may cause localized shrinkage as the temperature may exceed the turf stabilization temperature.


Artificial turf is a great, low maintenance way to enhance your yard but it is important to note that there are a number of other circumstances and factors that can create excessive heat. At Challenger Industries, our goal is to make our customers aware of what to look for and what can be done to avoid shrinkage and melting issues.

If you do not have artificial turf, but are considering an install, call us today! We would love to send you a sample and discuss how artificial turf can make your summer mow free!