roof top turf garden nyc

We all know that synthetic turf and artificial grass are mainstays for any modern sports academy or stadium where sports traditionally played on grass are practiced. But did you know that artificial grass can turn up in the most unexpected of places – including your neighbor’s roof? Here are some of the most surprising places one can now find artificial grass.


Kindergarten playgrounds:
Natural grass surface is uneven, rough, and scratchy, and falls can result in painful injuries. Moreover, the grass surface changes with seasons: sometimes, it is too muddy to play in; at other times, it is too dry and dusty, causing allergies. Traditional alternative surfaces, such as tarmac and concrete, are as uncomfortable or even more so. Synthetic turf and artificial grass provide an excellent solution to this dilemma: not only does it provide a soft, even, safe surface that is unaffected by weather, it is also easy and economical to maintain. Forget irrigation-related costs, grass stains on children’s clothes or muddy feet tracking in slush to classrooms: artificial grass saves you from all of them!

Here comes your hypothetical neighbor with his grassy roof. As urban sprawl eats away more and more into our green zones, artificial grass is being integrated into the environment to provide some much-needed greenery and space to relax or exercise in. Roof-top gardens are encouraged by all environmentally conscious individuals. Insulated synthetic turf and artificial grass can help regulate your home temperature in adverse weather, and they are most often and they are most often permeable to discourage water-logging. Transform your home by making use of the often-overlooked roof space, and create a terrace or garden to enjoy in your leisure.

Doggy parks:
Or your own front lawn, for that matter. Your pet dog is provided with a clean and safe environment by artificial grass usage. No more worrying about unpleasant smells from unhappy surprises: pet-friendly artificial grass is weaved onto a perforated mat of plastic and thus water (ahem!) drains right through, discouraging bacterial growth – without any damage to the fibers! It is easy to clean and provides a home free of muddy doggy-footprints. You no longer have to worry about weedicide or fertilizer that could be toxic for your furry friend. Artificial grass looks and feels as soft and inviting as real grass and your pet will have no problem adjusting to it. And if it is your front lawn that is bedecked, having a dug-up lawn won’t be an issue either: synthetic turf cannot be dug up!

Yep, you got that right. From indoor displays, parties and exhibition stands, to the inside of a conference room, the soft, springy feel of grass underfoot is desired by all. With no need for natural light, indoor artificial grass floorings bring a new twist to your home, office or party decor and transform any space into a style statement- especially when they’re multi-coloured. A grass carpet in the bedroom sounds amazing!

So, into which unexpected places in your life have artificial grass and synthetic turf found their way?