Synthetic turf has long been a part of the landscaping culture, but have you considered it as part of the animal world? After all, that beautiful, easily maintained lawn that never requires mowing is perhaps one of the most unsung benefits is that of providing a place for our pets to play.

We love our pets, but quite often pets can make disasters of our yards. They dig holes, leave behind messes, and then there are the ticks, flees and mud they track inside. Ugh! However, there is a way to enjoy being pet parents without having to deal with the less than pleasurable aspects of having pets. Enter, artificial grass made especially with pets in mind.

The Challenger K9 System from EnvyPet offers a synthetic grass that is ideal for your pet. Because our grass is made from products that are safe for your pet, you can count on many years of a low maintenance pet play area. It is perfect for backyards, veterinary clinics, pet hotels, dog parks and virtually any other place where having a pet-friendly turf would be beneficial.

Benefits of Having Artificial Turf for Your Pet Area

Just as synthetic turf is a great choice for providing a green lawn year round, it is also ideal for creating a pet space. Here are a few reasons why synthetic turf and pets go together.

It always looks fresh and beautiful. Your pets cannot dig holes that can result in muddy paw prints being tracked through your home, into your vehicle or left on your clothing. In addition, our system is a combination of specially crafted infills, engineered turf and an odor-free environment designed to make your pet’s area the most beautiful on the block.

Always green. Synthetic turf does not yellow or discolors with time or due to frequent pet urination. Even better, keeping it green does not require mowing, fertilizing or aerating.

It is easy to keep clean. Feces, vomit, etc. can all be easily rinsed away. In fact, our K9 System has a specially designed drainage mat to make this even easier.

Show worthy. The synthetic turf provides a nice surface for the dogs to walk on making it perfect for the dog park or pet show arena.

Having synthetic turf means easy lawn repairs. If a square is damaged from dogs chewing or rough housing, then it can be replaced.

Artificial turf prevents slipping and falling for both you and your pets. No more slipping on dewy grass or slick mud! Synthetic turf means better traction and the event that one trips and falls, the ground will have some extra padding.


At Challenger, we recognize that your pets are very important members of your family and that you want them to always have the best. We created our EnvyPet K9 System especially for furry friends, so that they can be happier and you can have more time for playing with your pet.  To learn how the EnvyPet K9 system can benefit your landscape, give us a call today.