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Keep Kids Fit, Fine, and Healthy with Artificial Turf

In our busy lives, many of us don’t even have time to sit still for a few minutes, let alone get the daily dose of the outdoors that is so essential for our health. Sadly, this even applies to kids nowadays. With statistics indicating drastically soaring levels of child obesity, diabetes and other equally serious […]


Duraplay Artificial Grass Surfaces Are A Friend To The Environment

Environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly, nature-friendly and green are all terms for the same cause. Artificial turf, fake grass, artificial grass and synthetic turf are all terms for the sports turf to support this critical cause. Challenger Industries, Inc. has challenged itself over the past 27 years to provide the most eco-friendly, high-performance field turf in the industry. […]

active family

Can Artificial Turf Help Your Family Become More Active?

With child obesity at its highest point in recorded American history, more parents and educators are looking for ways to encourage their children to be active and spend time outdoors. However, in most states, the weather really only permits outdoor activities a single season out of the year. In the northern states, the summers are […]