refresh cleaner

Keep It Clean: Refresh

Several months ago, we at Challenger proudly introduced Refresh ( a live colony forming friendly bacteria) that both cleans and provides both immediate and residual odor control. Refresh is the vital ongoing maintenance product that completes our EnvyPet K9 Program ensuring a clean and sanitary environment wherever dogs play, are boarded, reside and are cared […]


Synthetic Turf and Your Pets

Synthetic turf has long been a part of the landscaping culture, but have you considered it as part of the animal world? After all, that beautiful, easily maintained lawn that never requires mowing is perhaps one of the most unsung benefits is that of providing a place for our pets to play. We love our […]


Pet Turf Products

Envylawn is proud to offer a full line up of synthetic turf products, including turf options designed for pets.  Our pet turf products are dense, lower pile products that can be installed with or without infill.  Popular pet hotels and animal hospitals have chosen our products for installation at their facilities.  Our high quality, environmentally […]