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It’s beginning to look a lot like spring. The trees are regaining their leaves, the flowers are beginning to bud and bloom, the days are longer, and the yard is beginning to get greener. All of this is an indication that the neighborhood will soon be filled with the sounds of backyard barbecues, children playing and – lawn mowers. After all, we all know that the warm temperatures mean it’s time to drag out the mower and begin the arduous weekly task of seeing that the yard looks good.

A way to avoid  spending long hours cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and then watering the lawn is to have artificial grass installed. With synthetic grass, you can minimize the number of hours spent working on the lawn and maximize the hours you spend enjoying your lawn.

Although some companies have synthetic turf products that are higher maintenance, harmful to the environment, and unappealing to the eye, the Challenger line of artificial turf is designed to be eco-friendly, easy to maintain and so natural looking it can be difficult to tell it’s synthetic. We use a special process that creates synthetic turf that is 100% recyclable. Even better, issues such as wrinkling, moisture absorption, dimensional instability, and separation from the underlying base are greatly minimized, making our synthetic grass one of the most trusted in the industry.

Of course, there is still some basic maintenance to be done with a synthetic turf lawn, but compared to a grass lawn where mowing, weeding, aerating, and other actions are required, the maintenance needs for artificial turf are easy. Here are some of the common maintenance actions you will need to do:

·         At least once a month, use a flexible rake to remove any leaves, dust, or debris from the turf.

·         Typically, you will need to lightly rinse down the turf once per week. Of course, if there has been a significant amount of rain, then this will not be as necessary.

·         If you notice that any areas of your synthetic lawn have flatten or not standing as you wish, you can use a a stiff bristle broom or brush to push the fibers back into the natural grain, and thus stand up properly.

It should also be noted that we haven’t forgotten your pets. Consequently, we have a special line of artificial grass created to make it safe for your pets to roam the backyard. The product will not be damaged or discolored nor can it be dug up by your pet.

Synthetic turf is a great way to get more out of your summer. You will have more time for fun and leisure activities with less time invested in the lawn. Yes, there will be some basic lawn care involved, but it is much easier and less of a time factor. Don’t wait another year to get artificial turf for your lawn! Talk to a Challenger Turf representative today to learn how our products can make your yard care To Do list shorter, and open up more space in your in calendar.