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Artificial turf has been around for a number of decades. However, in recent years, there have been questions about how safe it is, and any potential concerns the public should have. At Challenger, we recognize this, and have spent a long time developing a process that is safe for the environment while resulting in a dependable product. Our 30 plus years of experience mean you benefit by having the greenest synthetic turf available.

Our turf is used in sports fields, playgrounds, and residential lawns all around the globe. However, not every producer of synthetic turf ascribes to our same standard of manufacturing procedures and processes. As such, we recognize that you may have some questions regarding our product and we want to set your mind at ease. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our artificial turf.

FAQs about Artificial Turf


Will opting for a product from Challenger help my school earn LEED points? Absolutely. Whether you opt for a soccer field or a putting green, all of the Challenger sports turf fields contribute points towards the LEED green building certification program.

Do you have a product that can be used for indoor sports ? Yes, we do. Our synthetic turf products are available for both inside and outside use.

I need a practice area for sports, but don’t want a full yard of synthetic turf. Is there an option for that? Yes, we have modular mats that are perfect for golf, baseball, softball, or virtually anywhere you need just a bit of turf without the extra work. In addition, we offer some styles with Velcro seams attached so that the turf can be used, stored, and then used again.

Just how ecofriendly is Challenger synthetic turf? Our team has spent many years developing a process known as the DURAFlo E.E.B.S backing system. This system is designed to require minimal water and power use during the making of the turf, does not introduce new fossil carbons into the atmosphere, nor does it result in hazardous waste being sent to a landfill. In fact, all of our manufacturing process waste is recycled – not put into dumped in the world around us.

Where can I purchase Challenger synthetic turf? We have dealers and distributors around the United States and around the world. Please contact us directly for information on the dealer closest to you.

Am I limited in what style or type of artificial grass I use? No, we have more than 40 styles of turf and create a custom piece to meet your specs.
Artificial turf does not mean that one has succumbed to trading ease of the environment. It just means that one has identified the benefits of choosing ease in maintenance and year round beauty over cutting the grass, polluting the air with chemicals and spending free time maintaining the lawn. If you are looking for a way to get the most from your lawn or sports field then talk to one of our turf installation pros today.