turf rug on the patio with friends

Artificial grass is of immense value to landscapers, not only because of its incredibly low maintenance costs but because of its amazing adaptability. Synthetic turf can be used to solve many different kinds of landscaping problems, all while maintaining a great visual aesthetic that can wow the most skeptical of your friends. Here are 4 ways artificial grass “manages” landscaping tangles in style.

Managing Damage Due to Traffic:

Kids’ play areas are only one place where your beloved greenery may end up in little bits and pieces due to the rough and tumble nature of the job. Lawns, backyards and even seating areas are often severely damaged due to regular and heavy foot traffic. Artificial grass is used extensively in these areas. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution that provides great durability. Manufacturers often provide products of various grades of durability for this very purpose. Our Superlawn Series, which we call our “workhorse” turf, comes in two color options and is perfect for usage in outdoor play areas as well as lawns. Our St. Augustine Series, too, is an excellent alternative for playgrounds and other similar landscaping needs. It includes our workhorse St Augustine Natural style and has a signature wave-shaped yarn that provides durability, combined with the aesthetic appeal of a much more natural look.

Managing Heating and Environment Issues:

Water conservation is a priority in warmer and drier areas. While artificial turf is the natural solution there (yes, we noticed the irony), it, too, needs to be watered, especially in soaring daytime temperatures, so it can cool down enough to not prove uncomfortable. This problem is exacerbated if the turf fibers are not heat resistant. To avoid going from the frying pan to the fire in an uncomfortably literal sense, artificial turf that retains less heat is used in landscaping for areas that experience excess heat. Our Bermuda Series turf is one such option, with an Omega S shaped yarn that retains less heat than other yarns. The product is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious.

Managing Aesthetic Appeal:

Ornamental gardens are a growing trend among urban homeowners. Small, dainty and soothing, these green spaces are an oasis of calm in our busy lives. However, not everyone has the time or the money to meet the highly demanding nature of maintenance they require. Artificial turf provides an easy-to-maintain alternative. Expensive, imported foreign grass can be replaced with soft artificial turf that looks and feels natural but is much more cost-effective. The soft, lush sense is retained. Our Fescue Series, with its feather-touch feel, is ideal for such landscaping needs.

Managing the Budget:

And last but by no means the least, we come to that one supreme concern that underlines all else: the health (and limits!) of that wallet in our pocket. Artificial grass proves to be a cost-effective alternative choice for many expensive endeavors, but is it just as value-for-money in and of itself? We say yes. Many landscape designers consciously choose to use artificial grass over natural grass not only as exceptions but as the rule. Artificial grass offers a variety of options for customization, at amazingly low prices. Certain fantastic landscape designs would be simply be impossible to create with natural grass.

Impressive landscaping is a sure-fire way to take people’s breath away and is certain to leave a positive impact. Now, one can do that at great prices, and a huge deal of variability, with the help of artificial grass. What is stopping you, then, from wowing all those new friends and important people you’ve been waiting to meet?