play areas and playgrounds keep your kids safe and allergy free

In our busy lives, many of us don’t even have time to sit still for a few minutes, let alone get the daily dose of the outdoors that is so essential for our health. Sadly, this even applies to kids nowadays. With statistics indicating drastically soaring levels of child obesity, diabetes and other equally serious disorders, encouraging a child to remain as active as possible is a priority for parents, guardian and educators. But how can we incorporate the outdoors into our severely indoor-oriented lives? There’s a simple solution: if you can’t get to the outdoors, get the outdoors to you!


Many of us would love to have some green space in our homes, for the kids and the adults, but simply can’t afford to spend as much time on them as they demand. Spaces such as natural lawns and play areas with natural grass require an enormous amount of maintenance. Regular mowing, watering and fertilizing are only the tip of the iceberg. There is the added risk of gophers and moles tunneling underground and bugs and various critters that can bite, sting or cause allergies. Harmful chemicals from pesticides, weed-killers and fertilizers can endanger the health of your children. Most importantly, these grounds are hugely affected by the weather. They consume huge amounts of water in the summer and are quite unusable in the rainy season, with mud threatening accidents and dirt-tracks all over your house. The winter frost makes them quite dangerous as well.


Artificial grass lawns and play areas are incredibly easy to maintain. There is no need for weeding, mowing, fertilizing or watering, saving time and money, and keeping the environment safe as well. There are no harmful chemicals from fertilizers or pesticides to worry about for your pets and children, and no pests either, as the grass stands up very well to moles and gophers as well as bugs. In fact, the synthetic blades of artificial grass are more easily cleaned than natural grass. Some products even have anti-microbial properties to prevent bacterial growth in play areas, from sweat. Artificial grass areas also prevent the creation or dispersal of excessive dust particles in the air, making playing on them safer in hot summer weather. The grass is mud-free in the rains and green in winter, encouraging intensive play all year round. The durable blades and the soft backing of the grass make it resistant to damage while providing a soft, even surface to safely play on.

Many homes and play areas are now choosing to switch to artificial grass, due to the many benefits. By making the choice, the green space that we so ardently desire can be within our very homes, helping our kids have a happy, healthy and active childhood, while saving us some valuable time and money to boot! What’s not to love?